Yukon Gold™ Ova

Commercial Customers: Fresh or Frozen Arctic Charr

Wholesale Direct: Frozen Arctic Charr

Yukon Gold™ Ova

Holding Yukon Gold Ova

Developed by Icy Waters Ltd. over the past thirty years, Yukon Gold™ Ova is Icy Waters’ peerless proprietary strain of commercially available Arctic Charr (Salvelinus alpinus).

Backed by years of research and continual monitoring, Yukon Gold™ Ova have been successfully grown on four continents.  Each ovum presents countless hours of time and significant investment to ensure the highest quality is available to our customers.

Possessing industry leading hatch out rates, low maturation and high disease tolerance, Yukon Gold™ has become the world standard for growers.

Icy Waters Ltd. is dedicated to providing our customers with superior service.  Support is available over the phone or by email free of charge. If needed, an onsite consultation can be arranged for a modest fee.


Unlike other strains, Yukon Gold™ Ova is available for purchase semi-annually.  Spring ova are available in May/June and fall ova are available in November/December.

For additional specifics, please download our information about Icy Waters Yukon Gold™.

Commercial Customers

Fresh or Frozen Arctic Charr

Dressed and Fillet Arctic Char

Available 52 weeks per year in dressed or fillet format, Icy Waters Arctic Charr is processed onsite at our federally inspected (CFIA) processing facility.

Fresh products are shipped within hours of harvest.

Frozen products are individually quick frozen (IQF) and conveniently packaged.

Having a light, sophisticated and fresh taste, Arctic Charr is great for many menu offerings due to its broad appetite appeal. great for many menu offerings due to its broad appetite appeal.


For our commercial customers

Fillets: Available in either 6-12oz or 12-20oz sizing with pin bone in or out. Fillets are packed in 40lb master cases containing four 10b trays. Perfect for restaurant, wholesale or retail sales.

Dressed: Available as dressed, head-on and gutted in 2-4lb size . Dressed product is packed in wholesale 30lb or 50lb cases, depending on customer needs.

Special Order: Special cuts, portioning, skinless, or individual vacuum-sealed options are available for special orders.


Packaged in 10 lbs cases.  Our 6oz centre cut loin portions offer a consistent product for restaurants or retailers who want to offer their customers a consistent cooking time and package. 


Opening the fillet tray or case should show product with a fresh aroma and consistently firm flesh with a bright coral colour. Dressed product should have clear eyes, moist, muculent skin and a fresh aroma.

Icy Waters Fresh Arctic Charr is processed, under the watchful eye of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in a federally approved Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified processing plant, then packaged and shipped with great care and concern so it arrives in perfect condition, just waiting for the most discerning of chefs to create their masterpiece.

Wholesale Direct

Frozen Arctic Charr

Close up head shot of an Arctic Charr

At long last, Icy Waters Arctic Charr is now available to enjoy at home!

In our CFIA-inspected facility, we process our fish with the same care as we do for our commercial customers and chefs.

Each fillet is Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) and packed in a 10 lb box.

Arctic Charr is praised by chefs around the world for its clean delicate texture and mild flavour. Arctic Charr’s high fat content makes it well-suited for frying, baking, smoking or broiling to suit your culinary needs.


We currently offer the following frozen options (subject to availability):

Imperfect 4-8oz fillets:  these are random portion sized fillets, perhaps imperfect in cut or colour, but are definitely perfect for individual meals

Premium fillets:  these larger fillets are restaurant grade in size and colour

Interested in Ordering?

We now have an online sales portal for you to either

  • Arrange pickup at our farm on Fish Lake Road in Whitehorse, or
  • Order delivery in the Whitehorse area for just a $5 fee