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At long last, Icy Waters Arctic Charr is now available to enjoy at home!

In our CFIA-inspected facility, we process our fish with the same care as we do for our commercial customers and chefs.

Each fillet is Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) and packed in a 10 lb box.

We currently offer the following frozen options (subject to availability):

  • Imperfect 4-8oz fillets:  these are random portion sized fillets, perhaps imperfect in cut or colour, but are definitely perfect for individual meals
  • Premium fillets:  these larger fillets are restaurant grade in size and colour

Interested in ordering?  We now have an online sales portal for you to either:

  • Arrange pickup at our farm on Fish Lake Road in Whitehorse, or
  • Order delivery in the Whitehorse area for just a $5 fee