About Us

View of the Yukon mountains

Icy Waters Arctic Charr is a fully integrated aquaculture company dedicated to the development of Arctic Charr as a premium-quality, fresh water finfish species. Located in the beautiful city of Whitehorse in Canada’s renowned Yukon Territory, the company was established in 1985 and quickly became a world leader in Arctic Charr aquaculture.

The facilities include an integrated hatchery with a quarantined broodstock production unit and egg incubation room. Our growing takes place in a fully separate tank farm next to the federally inspected processing facility, making Icy Waters’ award winning Arctic Charr the freshest and highest quality available.

Icy Waters has spent over two decades developing its peerless strain of Arctic Charr that incorporates the superior wild qualities of this dynamic fish with the domesticated performance characteristics necessary for a cultured species.  

The company is committed to developing and promoting a product that is environmentally sound and uses sustainable aquaculture practices. The result is the incomparable Icy Waters Arctic Charr, which is undeniably one of the finest foods the world has to offer and is loved by chefs, foodies and fish farmers alike.

A large group of Arctic Charr